Weight Loss

Helping thousands of clients lose weight over the last decade has not consisted of applying one single special diet or latest weight loss trend but instead devising individualized plans informed by taking the time to consider the factors that need to be supported in order to achieve weight loss for you. This has not only resulted in thousands of pounds in weight loss but even more importantly and more gratifying to me as your practitioner and coach are permanent weight loss, weight loss that does not have to be repeated again months or years down the road.

Here are some examples of successful weight loss approaches I have successfully implemented:

  • gut repair and microbiome balance
  • functional and nutritional thyroid support
  • removal of food allergies
  • targeting blood sugar health and reactivating metabolic function
  • lowering cholesterol and reversing fatty liver
  • supporting a previous gallbladder removal and subsequent weight gain
  • optimizing estrogen metabolism and hormone balance
  • implementing a new dietary approach based on Nutrigenomic testing
  • food log analysis and adjustments to optimize macronutrient (macros) balance and meal planning
  • body composition analysis and goal setting with regular check-in and coaching
  • correcting nutrient deficiencies
  • tailored whole body cleanse plan
  • changing meal times and exercise routine, and sleep/wake time for optimal epigenetic support and metabolic function
  • adrenal restoration
  • comprehensive support to an autoimmune condition

There are many paths to permanent weight loss, optimal body composition and maximum fitness.

Today I have reached my goal of being back down to a size 8 (I started my journey a size 14)! I urge anyone in need of optimum health to take advantage of her knowledge and kindness and get the help they need. Thank you Leona! 

Annette M.

San Diego, CA

Leona has been instrumental in creating a nutritional protocol tailored to my individual needs that actually worked! I have lost 17 pounds, going from 150 to 133 lbs!

Jackie F.

Los Angeles, CA

Leona helped me to shed the 30 pounds I’d been desperately trying to lose for years. I’d tried everything from Weight Watchers to Nutri System and nothing worked until I tried her approach. Now, five months later, I have been able to maintain the weight loss, and I owe it all to Leona West and her expert guidance. 

Kim S.

San Fernando Valley, CA

Leona has been a blessing and is amazing at what she does. I’ve lost 48 pounds, increased energy and mental acuity, and cured feelings of depression through proper nutrition and the right supplements recommended by Leona. 

John F.

Calabasas, CA

I have regained much of my health as a result of working with Leona and I have lost 50 pounds so far, and have done it by eating healthy foods. I cook more, exercise more, and have learned to meditate to deal with stress, although I still struggle with that issue, I am happier and lighter in spirit. I have learned to eat intuitively, which I had never been able to do before.

Lisa W.

Santa Monica, CA

Seeing Leona West was one of the best decisions I’ve made regarding my unhealthy weight at 262 Lbs. I have achieved and surpassed my weight goal, now I am 195! All my blood sugar and cholesterol levels are now within normal range too!

Paul T.

Los Angeles, CA

I can’t say enough great things about Leona! I was not expecting the amazing results that I achieved by going to Leona. I lost over 20 lbs at a time in my life that I thought I would just not be able to be in shape the way I used to be in my 30’s…and I’m in my 60’s and feel like I have my body back!!! 

Kathy M.

Los Angeles, CA

I have lost 40 pounds in 5 months and am the healthiest I have ever been in my entire life! Thank you Leona! I recommend her to anyone who is serious about making lifestyle changes that will make a difference! 

Ines N.

Los Angeles, CA

Let’s start on your path to permanent weight loss!