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Weight Loss

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I’ve been going to Leona for about 8 years now for weight loss and bringing my triglycerides down. I started out with being pre-diabetic and not being able to remember things. After some blood work and analysis, I figured out I needed to tweak my diet a little bit, that I was low in plant proteins, and needed a cleanse. Which after the cleanse, I lost weight and my mind was clear. I mean I was remembering so many details. I do periodic check-ins with her just to keep on top of my health. Leona is amazing to work with and I feel very comfortable and at ease with her. I always look forward to her visits!

Miss K.

Los Angeles, CA

I recently did a weight loss program with Leona and I am very pleased with the results. I highly recommend her!


Los Angeles, CA

I can’t say enough great things about Leona West! I was not expecting the amazing results that I achieved by going to Leona. I lost over 20 lbs at a time in my life that I thought I would just not be able to be in shape the way I used to be in my 30’s…and I’m in my 60’s and feel like I have my body back!!! I also feel that I’m taking supplements and eating in a way that is best for me! Instead of randomly choosing vitamins and supplements, Leona is very thorough and analyzes your blood panel with very specific recommendations. If you have the discipline, you will achieve amazing results by seeing Leona. I have referred 2 friends and they both have had amazing results as well.

Kathy M.

Santa Monica, CA

I have been going to Leona and from my standpoint the best in town. She has introduced to me a way that I can change my diet and eat healthily, and enjoy new foods. I was having great difficulty losing weight and was eating a lot of fast foods and processed food and saw no way to change my diet and enjoy life. I’ve lost all the weight I needed to and feel energetic and can control my weight in a way that I have never been able to before regardless of what diet I was on. 

Sandra C.

Burbank, CA

I am sorry that I did not go to Leona sooner because not only I lost 30 pounds in less than 10 months, I feel 10 years younger, with more energy, stronger, better with myself and my results. She taught me how to eat correctly and healthier (quantities, servings, etc.). It is fair to clarify that she was so patient with me because I do not like fruits, I did not eat many veggies, so she gave me different ideas to add "color" to my diet. Now I eat veggies, fish, beans, etc. She transformed me. Sometimes, I cannot believe it yet. Also, I had bad back pain and she encouraged me to go to physical therapy and yoga. At the beginning, I was reticent, because I thought that I was not going to be able to do that. Anyway, first I went to a Restorative yoga class. Today, I can go one hour of Pilates and after that another 1 and half hours of intermediate yoga class and power yoga class. She saw me as a whole person. Now, my pain has reduced almost 100%. She changed my life. I feel so comfortable with my body, I love to buy new clothes. She helped me to recover the "body" from so many years ago but stronger. I do not have more than words of gratefulness because I found her. Do not miss the opportunity to meet her if you want a healthy life and meet people who have the same goals as I have since I met her. I am planning to stay in this way or stronger all my life. Sometimes, it is hard, but you can try day by day. Thank you Leona!!!!

Leticia G.

El segundo, CA

I came to Leona for help because I was still holding on to the weight I gained during my pregnancy. No matter how many miles I ran during the week or how healthy I ate, I couldn’t lose the weight. I was having 3 major issues. 1) Extra weight around my midsection. 2) Daily fatigue: waking up in the morning exhausted and experiencing a severe energy drop around 2 pm. 3) Dermatitis of the scalp – which I struggled with for 5 years. After taking a food and chemical sensitivity/intolerance test – I learned that I was “severely” sensitive to gluten. I also did a comprehensive blood panel and Leona discovered my hormones had not fully returned to normal after giving birth. This played a role in my weight gain and energy loss. Leona orchestrated a 3 month and 6-month plan which eliminated the specific foods from my diet that my body didn’t tolerate. She also recommended specific herbs and supplements to help with my hormone imbalance. I followed her program with diligence. Within 3 months, I lost 23 pounds, my dermatitis vanished completely, and I had new energy levels that enabled me to feel refreshed throughout a ten-hour workday with enough reserve to care for my baby in the evening. If I did not do the functional testing I would never have learned about my food intolerances. Without my blood tests, Leona could not have given me a custom fit plan to get healthy. Since my experience, I have recommended Leona to friends, family, and patients experiencing puzzling health issues. She is a special nutritionist who thinks outside the box and pinpoints causes of illness and disease better than any nutritionist I have ever met! This is a gift! Thank you, Leona.

Sarah S.

Los Angeles, CA

Leona West has helped me to shed the 30 pounds I’d been desperately trying to lose for years. I’d tried everything from Weight Watchers to NutriSystem and nothing worked until I tried her diet. Now, five months later, I have been able to maintain the weight loss, and I owe it all to Leona West and her expert guidance.

Kim S.

San Fernando Valley, CA

I went to Leona West based on a referral. I have lost over 20 pounds, which has made a terrific impact on every aspect of my life. Leona offers exactly what I needed to turn my world around.

Kelly A.

Los Angeles, CA

I met Leona when I was 39 and roughly 25lbs overweight with a SAD diet. My father died obese and my brother is on his way to death by being obese. I didn’t want to be obese. She put me on a program that I followed religiously–and in 30 days I went from 203 to 177. My post-program check-up with her showed that I had the vitals of a professional athlete–and no, I am not one. Leona gave me the keys to vibrant health. Even my regular doctor was impressed when he did my annual physical; he was amazed that all my readings were far better than they were the year before. Subsequently, when I use the knowledge the miracle worker gave me, I look and feel great. When I don’t, the opposite is true. It’s that simple. 

Mark M.

Beverly Hills

Leona has been instrumental in creating a nutritional protocol tailored to my individual needs that actually worked! When I started with her a year and a half ago, I was overweight, had high cholesterol, high blood pressure and A1C above normal levels. My doctor was urging me to take cholesterol and blood pressure medication. Today, 18 months later, my cholesterol, blood pressure, and A1C are within normal ranges. The best part is I was able to accomplish this without western medications and their side effects. Additionally, I have lost 17 pounds, going from 150 to 133 lbs! She was very encouraging and supportive during this time and kept tweaking her suggested protocol for me until we found what worked. I’m energized to keep working on my health with Leona as her holistic approach is highly effective. 

Jackie F.

Los Angeles, CA

For the past 5 years, I have tried many different ways to lose weight and have always failed. Developing an underactive thyroid really caused havoc to my metabolism and truly nothing was working in helping me lose weight. With Leona’s guidance, I began following a weight loss program she prescribed and through this program, I realized that I not only was losing weight but was also changing my lifestyle. Leona could not have been more encouraging and compassionate before, during, and after the program. When I told her at the end of our program that she had changed my life, I meant it. While I lost 30 lbs of fat, I sincerely felt that I had also lost 30 lbs of insecurities! To date, I am pleased to say that I have kept the weight off and plan to continue to lose more. I truly do not believe I would have learned everything I did and felt so good about reaching my goals without Leona and her program. Leona portrays a high level of professionalism and sincerity in every task she undertakes and I am very lucky to have met her and followed her guidance.

Rach S.

Los Angeles, CA

Leona has been a blessing and is amazing at what she does. She gave me a jump start with a great first consultation and the motivation I needed to start my healthy journey. I’ve since lost 48 pounds, increased energy and mental acuity, and cured feelings of depression through proper nutrition and the right supplements prescribed by Leona. Have been working with her for a year now and the benefits are continuing as we continue to review and tweak my protocol based on blood work, adrenal tests, and feedback on how I am feeling and performing in cycling. Thanks, Leona!

John F.

Calabasas, CA

I have had a great experience seeing Leona West for weight loss and issues related to the celiac disease I was diagnosed with over two years ago. I have found that Leona is extremely knowledgeable about gluten-free eating, and this was not at all the case with another nutritionist I previously consulted. I also feel like Leona is very wise about food and supplements and just generally how to get healthier and have more energy. The information she has given me and gotten from me (through lab tests and thoughtful questions) has been incredibly helpful in helping me get healthier and lose weight. She listens well, she offers guidance in a non-judgmental way and has high expectations for your success. I have been very successful under her tutelage and look forward to maintaining that healthy success as well as our cordial relationship for years to come.

Amy G.

Los Angeles, CA

I was experiencing allergy symptoms and muscle pain/discomfort when I attempted to exercise. I was also having difficulties losing weight even though I was eating fairly healthy. After complaining to my chiropractor that my allergist was dismissive of my symptoms, I was referred to Leona. On my first visit with Leona, I knew something was going to change. She took the time to listen to me and really get a feel for what was going on with my body. Subsequently, I got an allergy test, changed my diet, and in turn changed my life. With every visit, I began making great strides and eventually was able to resume regular physical activities…pain-free! Leona has inspired my continued physical and emotional well being. I can now resume playing my favorite sport, ultimate frisbee, all day, and feel great. I am happy to report that, to date, I have lost 40 pounds in 5 months and am the healthiest I have ever been in my entire life! Thank you, Leona! I recommend her to anyone who is serious about making lifestyle changes that will make a difference! 

Ines N.

Los Angeles, CA

I presented to Leona West with issues regarding my health that had been hindering me from leading the quality of life I wanted and used to have. At the age of 38, I started seeing symptoms of perimenopause with evening hot flashes that eventually became a regular daily and evening occurrence along with out of control weight gain that took me from 140 pounds to almost 200 pounds in a short amount of time. To include other health issues that went along with sudden weight gain and a stressful lifestyle. Being as I had never had a weight problem in my life I had no idea how to diet or lose weight and it seemed the more stressed I got the more I gained along with a whole vicious circle of health problems. I worked hard with a trainer and was able to lose some weight but not like I wanted and I was still lethargic and stressed out and sick all of the time. When I began with Leona at the end of Dec 2009 I was approximately 175 pounds, had high cholesterol, and a very aggressive bacteria in my gut. No wonder I was such a mess, stressed out, overweight, unable to sleep at night, and hot flashes constantly day and night and severe constipation. 

Leona put me on an Allergy-free eating plan along with needed supplements to assist my body in its repair work, which was followed by a new plan for an additional 6 wks. Today I have reached my goal of being back down to a size 8 (I started my journey at a size 14) I am now continuing to work on some small issues with supplements and my continued new way of eating as it is a lifestyle change and continued maintenance and probably a little more weight loss. I have never felt better! I have seen such drastic changes as has everyone else in my life, to not only my weight but my skin complexion, my hair and nails are growing like crazy and healthier than ever. I have back that brightness in my face, that glow that was a miss and a feeling of vitality and youth. I cannot sing the praises of this wonderful practitioner; she is not only gifted in her field but is always so encouraging and loving. With her bright smile and constant praises that encouraged me along my path to health. I urge anyone in need of optimum health to take advantage of her knowledge and
kindness and get the help they need. Health is a priceless gift…Thank you Leona!

Annette M.

San Diego, CA

I was diagnosed with anemia by my gynecologist as a result of severe blood loss, due to uterine fibroid tumors. I was 50 years old and approaching menopause at the time, and none of the surgical alternatives suggested to me to deal with the fibroids were acceptable to me. I was also overweight, depressed, and so fatigued that a brief walk would exhaust me. During our first visit, Leona gathered information about my symptoms, my eating habits, my lifestyle, where I shopped for groceries, and much more. I filled out paperwork and a food diary over the next week. Leona assessed my state of health and provided a plan and a diet. I have regained much of my health as a result of working with Leona. The anemia cleared, my blood pressure lowered, and I have lost 50 pounds so far, and have done it by eating healthy foods purchased at farmers’ markets and natural food stores. I cook more, exercise more, and have learned to meditate to deal with stress. I am happier and lighter in spirit. I have learned to eat intuitively, which I had never been able to do before. Leona is very knowledgeable, very caring and her advice and support are invaluable to me. So much positive has come from my working with Leona, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to lead a healthier, happier life.

Lisa W.

Santa Monica, CA

Seeing Leona West was one of the best decisions I’ve made regarding my unhealthy weight at 262 Lbs. Soon after treatment with Leona West CN I was able to notice a difference in my day to day lifestyle, I felt more energized and especially motivated after losing 18 lbs. in only one month. The food charts specified foods I can and cannot eat have changed my eating habits for the best. Now little over three months later weighing 213 Lbs. With 49 lbs in total lost, I’ve felt a significant change in my health, energy, and lifestyle. My goal of weighing 205 Lbs seems even closer and with Leona’s help I know I can reach it and keep the weight off. UPDATE: I have achieved and surpassed my weight goal, now I am 195! All my blood sugar and cholesterol levels are now within normal range too! 

Paul T.

Los Angeles, CA

My experience with Leona West has been great. Step by step instructions from Leona helped me have a good experience with my diet. I cannot say it was easy, but it was well worth it. The meetings at the clinic helped me to stay on track and kept me motivated. I was able to lose 17 pounds so far in her program and have more energy than ever before. I also have a
new wardrobe!

Ana M.

Hollywood, CA

Where to start, Leona has helped me achieve goals that I didn’t think were possible. For years I have struggled with my weight. Since I was a kid I would fluctuate and it was hard for me to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy relationship with my body. I got to the point where I knew I was doing something wrong but I wasn’t sure what. I didn’t want a quick fix but I wanted an overall lifestyle change that I could maintain. I reached out to Leona and we started working on a plan tailored to my needs. I knew I was in the right hands immediately, she made me take a few blood tests and a genetic test in order to tailor the plan specifically to me. She cares about her clients and has really helped me every step of the way. She understands that in order to make changes to my eating habits I also had to make changes to my lifestyle overall and the way I thought of and viewed food. She has really changed my life and my confidence. I honestly didn’t think I could look but most importantly feel this good!
If you’re thinking about contacting her do it!

In a little less than 6 months I was able to lose 25 pounds in a healthy way, more than what I was expecting I could lose! I feel fitter and overall healthier in all areas of my life.

She will definitely continue to be a point of contact for me since she is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of health.

Arianna B.

Los Angeles, CA

Energy, Vitality, Mood, and Brain Health

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I didn’t know how good it felt to be healthy until I followed Leonas food & supplement plan. The hustle and bustle of my daily work schedule had me skipping meals, eating late and not really tending to my health. I had been feeling fatigued and everything was just dull. I began to question whether I was becoming lazy, this is not how I remembered myself. It was a great relief to finally meet with Leona! She went over my blood work, explained every detail, listened to my questions & addressed them fully in a way I could understand with care & patience. I can’t thank her enough.

Jacqueline H.

Los Angeles

Leona was able to create an overview of my health program and put together a protocol for healing. I have been working with Leona for a year now and through an entirely holistic protocol of herbs and supplements, I have gone from almost non-functioning to sleeping again and having my health and vitality back! I am back to myself thanks to Leona’s wisdom, expertise, kindness, and extraordinary abilities. I have sent my mother, my daughter, and friends to see Leona. If you are either struggling with profound illness or just need a nutritional tune-up I cannot recommend Leona enough. She’s a “you have to see it to believe it” kind of practitioner.

Susan K.

Los Angeles, CA

Leona’s guidance goes beyond merely nutritional
knowledge! She has helped me with my overall health to create a better quality of life. I used to feel depressed, tired and frustrated. I now walk around with a big smile. On a more superficial note, I look great. I receive compliments all the time and I love it.

Paul M.

Santa Monica, CA

I just wanted to say that before I came to see you, my energy levels were very low, I was overweight and was almost in a depressed state as I did not think that I would be able to get pregnant without getting expensive fertility treatments. However, working with you and changing my eating habits and my exercise habits has changed my outlook. My energy level has increased so that I don’t wake up tired anymore. I exercise, I have lost the weight I wanted to and generally, I feel healthier and happier. My outlook has changed as well, I feel that I will be able to get pregnant naturally. Thanks Leona!

Donna L.

Los Angeles, CA

I was referred to Leona a few years back by a friend. I was having some issues with generalized anxiety and she successfully helped me curb my symptoms with a simple program of food and supplements. I learned a lot about nutrition in general, and my body and specific needs along the way. Anyone looking to develop healthy habits should absolutely see her!

Sony G.

Los Angeles, CA

I became very ill in my early twenties with a viral encephalitis, which was very hard on my health and immune system. As the years went on, I was eventually diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which I had for 15 years. Over the course of this time, I have spent thousands of dollars on all kinds of doctors and practitioners, both conventional and unconventional. I had reached a point a few years ago where I didn’t want to go to anyone ever again. I always felt like people made promises about being able to cure me and they never delivered that promise. Leona was recommended to me by a friend and I agreed to go to her because I felt her prices were very fair and I just had an intuition that it was worth a shot. I remember very clearly that she told me that under her care I would see an improvement over the course of a year and that I would feel better slowly, incrementally over that time. This outlook seemed rational and sound, and over the course of that first year, I did make a large improvement which was reflected in my blood test results. I could actually see with my own eyes the huge improvement my body had made. I’ve been seeing Leona for 2 years now and at 37, I’m now happily  pregnant with my first child and feeling healthier and stronger than I have for my entire adult life. I can definitely attribute that improvement to Leona’s treatment protocol. Leona is a compassionate, intelligent and knowledgeable practitioner and her no-nonsense, practical approach really produces results. I trust her with my health and I feel really grateful to have her in my life. As a result, I’ve referred her to several friends that have all dealt with different health issues and they have all been greatly helped by her. I could not recommend her more highly!


Venice, CA

Gastrointestinal Issues

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About 6 years ago I started having gastrointestinal health issues, which began with a diagnosis for colitis and then for IBS. Around the same time, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease and Hypothyroidism and to top it all off I was diagnosed with perimenopause.

I struggled with this for about 4 years, while trying different foods and diets such as FODMAP to adjust for things that trigger IBS, and got to a point where I felt exhausted and drained by the constant pain, bloating and discomfort and felt beside myself. I was convinced that the three health areas I was experiencing must be correlated and I knew I needed help so I started to look for alternate ways for support.

Someone suggested I see a functional nutritionist and referred me to Leona West. Her holistic approach to care through nutrition with the whole body and individual in mind is exactly what I needed. She took the time to get to know me, my medical history, as well as my lifestyle, personal and professional habits and run some new tests in all three areas of concern. She was able to identify that I did not have IBS but rather a parasite that was imitating the symptoms of IBS.

Leona has guided me through nutrition, healthy mindset, exercise and has led me through a journey of self-discovery prioritizing self-care, managing stress, setting boundaries and engaging in healthy nutrition practices to strike a balance. She has been a blessing and a god sent and it’s been an absolute pleasure working with her as I regained control of my health.

Christiana K.

Los Angeles, CA

My husband went to Leona over four years ago for health concerns. Now our family of four all go to her for different reasons. She’s a great listener who tailors her approach to each individual’s needs, striving to get to the root cause of their health issues. We all have benefited from her wealth of knowledge of how nutrition impacts the human body.

She has treated me for numerous things – a parasite infection, SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth), and high mercury levels to name a few. Her treatment plans are natural and holistic, and while they take time, they work if followed properly. I have learned so much about the wonderful attributes of a proper diet that is uniquely tailored to my system’s needs. I will continue to see her because I learn so much with each visit and I feel so much better than I did several years ago. I can’t say enough about Leona -she’s a true scientist who patiently and methodically is determined to get to the bottom of things, which will lead to a healthier you.

Joan W.

Los Angeles, CA

After years of suffering from IBS and then diverticulitis, I knew it was time to take a different approach to my healthcare (rather than traditional doctors). My friend recommended Leona, and I’m so glad she did.

I think my first visit was over an hour because Leona is thorough and wants to get a complete picture of your routines and health.

She sent me a detailed email and plan, which I followed to the letter. I felt so much better within days and by the time we had the next visit I lost my bloated belly and finally had normal BMs!

I still follow her plan and feel better than I have my entire life.

Thank you, Leona!

Loretta S.

Ventura, CA

I have battled a serious intestinal issue for over 7 years that was basically running my life. After intense personal research, visits to over 15 health care practitioners (both eastern and western) and spending tens of thousands of $$, my ill health and my frustrations were nearing their limits. Finally, I was referred to Leona West through Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy. I have been working with her for the past 6 months and at age 56 I can say I am now enjoying the best health I have ever had. Not only has she actually cured what was a chronic condition, I have more energy and vitality than ever before. Leona’s approach is methodical, intelligent, thoroughly thought out and tailored to me. She is fully committed to getting to the root of the issue and with me she did. Dr. West is an exceptional and rare find. I feel extremely fortunate to have her available to me. 

Lori S.

Santa Monica, CA

Absolutely recommend Leona if you want to feel better without medication and if you believe in the power of food and the right supplements- she has been instrumental in helping both my husband and my child with gastrointestinal issues and myself with hormonal imbalance. She clearly loves what she does and takes pride in the results she gets. Her supplements were tailored to our respective needs and definitely did the trick for each one of us. She is also a mother who understands how important it is for other mothers to make sure their children are as healthy as they can be. Go see her!

Ariella E.

Los Angeles, CA

Leona has been my go-to person for all health issues for the past 3 years. I first came to see Leona with a variety of health concerns such as SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) and the possibility of an autoimmune condition. Having a very sensitive constitution, I experienced unusual side effects from many foods, supplements and medications. I was so confused and scared about eating or taking anything at that point. Leona had the expertise, confidence and patience to listen carefully to all my medical history and prioritize steps to repair and strengthen my system. She worked with me at my pace which has been at times very cautious and hesitant. I am so much better now!! I continue to meet with Leona regularly. She helps keep me on track with my health goals. She is also invaluable in helping me sift through all the contradictory health information out there. Because she is very open to working with my doctors, I feel that I have a very competent team to support me. This approach has given me peace of mind which in and of itself goes a long way to staying healthy. Leona is also a joy to work with. She is not only a truly gifted holistic health professional but a caring and wonderful person. I am so grateful to be Leona’s client and I bless the day I found her!!

Kathy P.

Santa Monica, CA

Leona has saved my health! With her guidance I have gotten off pharmaceuticals, and returned my digestive system to balance. You will never meet a more caring, more brilliant health advocate! I’m so fortunate to have found her! 

Tory M.

Los Angeles, CA

Leona has not only helped me shape a sound nutrition plan in what was once lacking, but has also helped me heal somewhat chronic intestinal issues. Her guidance is always practical, feasible and extremely helpful. 

Michelle L.

Santa Monica, CA

Leona is a Godsend! A friend referred me to Leona who raved about her and helped her tremendously with her  endometriosis. Leona helped me get regular with my BMs. I know it’s probably TMI, but I’m very happy with how Leona has helped me! I highly recommend her. 

Angela, W.

Costa Mesa, CA

Leona has helped me tremendously to recover different aspects of my health. When I first saw her I suffered from severely diminished energy levels, chronic pain, GERD, and a weakened immune system. I wanted to improve upon these issues while also losing weight and achieving a lean body. Immediately my energy levels improved from having to go to
sleep after only 3 hours of work to being able to work double the hours. I can now often work double and also run errands during the day. I am better able to manage my pain and have been given tools to better deal with immune system issues. My GERd symptoms diminished immediately. The GERD symptoms came back this year but Leona made suggestions that allowed me to get the GERd under control holistically. I am still working with Leona as she helps me to fine-tune my program and deal with new and existing issues as needed. She does so in a holistic way using homeopathic remedies. If you want to improve your health holistically and with homeopathic solutions, you can’t go wrong with Leona.

Trish L.

Los Angeles

Leona saved my life! That might be an exaggeration, but after dealing with digestive issues for several months and seeing doctors who couldn’t solve the problem with their tests and multiple treatments, I felt hopeless. My quality of life was deteriorating day by day. Then I was referred to Leona by my OBGYN who said if anyone could help it would be her. And she did more than just help! Leona treated my symptoms with food and supplements based on the tests she ran that showed lots of microbiome imbalances. Her treatment not only resolved the multiple issues of inflammation in the gut and joints but also showed me how to live a healthier lifestyle that is absolutely manageable. Leona and I have worked together for over three years. Although my symptoms are gone and I feel “normal” again, I continue to see her because she provides so much support and makes new suggestions to stay healthy. Plus, I want to keep feeling this good, so I do an annual check-up with her And discuss anything else that might be going on with me. She works with clients to create an individualized plan. She will always recommend what she thinks is the best, and is willing to also work with teams of other doctors to make sure she is maximizing your level of comfort and well-being. Thank you, Leona, for all that you do
to keep us well!

Jen D.

Burbank, CA

Leona really helped me get through my SIBO and additional digestive problems. Through constant consultation (via the phone in covid times), a tailored individual food and supplement plan, and a genetic test she was able to identify problem foods for me and help me get off an antibiotic for my SIBO. Would highly recommend Leona for anyone going through similar problems!

Carina K.

Washington, DC

I had been struggling for months with severe stomach issues – debilitating sharp pain and nausea. I’d been to a gastrointestinal specialist, and undergone a long series of expensive medical tests, including numerous blood tests, an endoscopy, ct scan, MRI, etc. The tests all turned up nothing, and I was instructed to just ‘make another appointment if the pain persisted.’ Frustrated, a doctor I respect and trust suggested I make an appointment with Leona. When I did, Leona not only took an extensive medical history, but also talked to me about overall diet and health, and any other problems, however slight, that I might be having. She came up with a comprehensive plan to figure out what was going on with me, and within a month and a half, I finally had my answers. She then worked with me on an extensive strategy to both treat the issues I was having (in a more holistic, less drug-centric way) and to improve my health overall. I am now on the road to perfect health and feeling better with each passing day on Leona’s plan. In every appointment I had with Leona, I felt very welcome, important, and treated as a person as
opposed to a patient account number. She is extremely knowledgeable and thoughtful.

Kate D.

Los Angeles, CA

Autoimmune Conditions

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Leona has been incredibly helpful with her deep knowledge of diet and lifestyle habits. Seeing her has been the best thing I’ve done for my health. After a short time of following her recommendations, my blood tests showed drastic improvement for my autoimmune issues; almost undetectable. She puts a lot of thought and care into each patient. I’ve felt so good since following her food plan for my specific needs and I feel like I can bring any health-related question to her and she knows how to help. She’s also been helping my mom who has cancer; the recommendations she’s made have made a huge difference in how she feels. I’m so happy she was recommended to me. Seeing her has been a total life-changer! I was one of those skeptics in the beginning, but Leona has made me see the power in this knowledge. She discovered that I had markers for MTHRFR and she set me up with a regimen of vitamins to help support my body. I really didn’t understand what I was taking and why….UNTIL my
sister sent me a lecture that she had to watch, since  he’s a nurse, on MTHFR. As I was watching, I realized…holy moly…Leona is saving my life. Had I not found this mutation, I would not have been giving my body what it needed and thus been more prone to disease. After watching the lecture, I was relieved that I had the knowledge to empower my health. Leona is patient, kind, and extremely intelligent. I’m very grateful.


Los Angeles, CA

Ive been seeing Leona West for 3 years and have been helped tremendously by her. She has identified an auto-immune disorder I have that was misdiagnosed as hyp thyroid over 15 years ago. She is a wonderful, caring and very well informed healer and I have recommended her to many friends.

Deb S.

Los Angeles, CA

Our experience with Leona West has been very positive. My son was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and she was very knowledgeable with protocol for this, especially him being a teenager. Her expertise with thyroid disorders improved both of our lives tremendously, in a safe, healthy way. Leona is very understanding, knowledgeable, and professional!

Dianne E.

Los Angeles, CA

I was diagnosed with Graves Disease in January 2010 during a normal check up. The diagnosis was a huge shock for me, especially because I had just moved from Europe to Los Angeles and was not familiar with health care. My first steps were to get as much information as possible and also consult with different doctors. It was a disillusioning process. My research was not satisfying at all. Most of the doctors recommended immediate procedures and medication and did not leave any space for alternatives. At that point my anxiety had increased, I was very scared, yet not ready to take a step that I might regret for the rest of my life. I went to see my gynecologist, she was the one who recommended Leona to me. When I met Leona my condition was already more critical. Leona was the first one who actually explained to me what was happening in my body and what an autoimmune disease means. She was the answer to all my questions and the proof that you can’t separate mind and body. She put me on a very specific diet but also explained to me why and what impact certain foods have on our hormones. She prescribed supplements and herbs but also made me aware of how serious this condition can be and that I can’t fool around with it and insisted I work with a doctor closely at the same time in order for her to agree to work with me. I followed the plan strictly, I also returned to Europe to be with my family. After three weeks I was tested again in Europe and my hormones were already in the normal range. Four weeks after my  hormones were still in the normal range and had even further improved. This was two weeks ago. All this time I was in touch with Leona, following the plan and kept her up to date. I know that Leona had a huge impact and has helped me tremendously. I recommend her to anyone that sees the human body as a whole and is willing to treat the source, not the symptoms even if medication is necessary, the two can be combined. I just talked to her a few days ago to consult how to proceed from now on. I re-experienced the magic of her holistic approach and her profound knowledge about the human body and thank god for bringing her into my life.

Elisabetha P.

Vienna, Austria

Leona J. West is a “miracle in action”. I had heard that she works with clients having Hashimotos–a condition affecting the thyroid. For 32 years, I had been working with traditional doctors. They prescribed Synthroid and informed me that I would be on that prescription always. At the time I began working with Leona, I was 40 lbs. overweight, exhausted, and had all the precursors for a variety of conditions, including diabetes and high cholesterol. Through her keen listening skills, blood work, lab results zeroing in on information that had never been communicated to me about Hashimotos, incredible knowledge about nutrition and homeopathic solutions, a thorough understanding of how the body works and what it needs, Leona created a plan of action that addressed every problem. Three years later, I have kept off my 40 lb. weight loss; I’m off Synthroid and taking “natural” thyroid, and my blood work shows that my thyroid is functioning in ways it hadn’t for 32 years. My energy is vibrant and truly I’m feeling at age 67 the best I’ve ever felt. I have
recommended Leona to many friends and those who have worked with her have been amazed at how they are feeling. Leona West deserves a rating of 5+, (actually 105!) for her ability to make a huge difference in helping people live, thrive, and be well. 

Diane H.

Manhattan Beach, CA

Leona is an amazing nutritionist. She has helped me get my health back on track! I went to Leona 2 years ago feeling tired, bloated, and not like myself. I had just been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease. She had me do comprehensive blood testing so that she could find out what vitamins and minerals my body was lacking. Leona put me on a specific diet and supplement plan and helped me get my health back on track. She is patient and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Leona! 

Amy B.

Los Angeles, CA

The best decision I have ever made was to have testing done through Leona. The tests showed a number of problems which Leona has coached me through over the last 10 months, including hormone imbalance, autoimmune thyroid issues (Graves disease), and a long list of foods that were making me sick. I continue to improve and feel better than I have in years. I have received thorough, gentle care and great advice from this talented person and I am so grateful and thankful for it!

Catherine H.

Las Vegas, NV

Leona has been incredibly helpful with her deep knowledge of diet and lifestyle habits. Seeing her has been the best thing I’ve done for my health. After a short time of following her recommendations, my blood tests showed drastic improvement for my autoimmune issues; almost undetectable. She puts a lot of thought and care into each patient. I’ve felt so good since following her food plan for my specific needs and I feel like I can bring any health-related question to her and she knows how to help. She’s also been helping my mom who has cancer; the recommendations she’s made have made a huge difference in how she feels. I’m so happy she was recommended to me. Seeing her has been a total life-changer!

Kathie N.

Los Angeles, CA

Women’s Health

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After visiting many Obgyn, I was overwhelmed by these doctors’ negative opinions and still couldn’t find a reason why my cycle became abnormal. Until I met Leona. She’s not only a nutritionist that changed my diet and living habits, but also fixed and corrected my cycle which I thought would never be fixed. And dramatically improved my stress issues and sleep issues. I was told by so many ob-gyn that there’s nothing they can do to fix one’s natural cycle! Leona has proved to me that everything is reversible! My cycle is back to normal and had great flow like 7 to 8 years ago. She brought me so much hope and treated me like a dear friend, not just a patient. I feel very lucky to get to know her and work with her on my health improvement. Without her help, I’d never known that healthy eating and the right supplements would change not only physical health but also mental health. My life has improved so much. I really wished I had met her years earlier! I can never say thank you enough to Leona!

Yuan Yuan L.

Los Angeles, CA

Leona was recommended to me by a gynecologist after her courses of treatment were unable to resolve a chronic issue we had been working on. After going through in detail the lab results Leona ordered and following Leona’s protocol, the chronic issue cleared. And after working with her I believe food can be medicine.

I also worked with Leona to help manage vestibular migraines that are exacerbated by tyramine and histamine rich foods. Her guidance helped me realize that not all healthy foods are right just because they are healthy. For example, I had no idea that raisins or dark chocolate were causing me trouble until she helped me connect the dots about tyramine in food.

Lastly, Just before and during pregnancy; her guidance was essential in nourishing my body to be a vessel and a source of food for my baby. I feel lucky to have found Leona, who is a gem, and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with her in the future.

Jen S.

Los Angeles, CA

So very happy with Leona. Went to see her after visiting 3 doctors and each treating me multiple times to treat chronic candida. The doctors were only treating, which lasted for about two days. Luckily, I shared my experience with someone and she recommended Leona. A godsend! Leona is so thoughtful and understanding to my frustrations it always feels safe being incredibly honest with her and knowing there will be valuable feedback and a wealth of eye opening knowledge. We started about a year and a half ago. I followed her diet plan with supplements, the plan worked after a few
months as predicted. The plan had also unexpectedly given me emotional stability, mental clarity, ability to sleep through the night, and many other health improvements. It really makes me appreciate Leona’s professional brilliance. I strongly encourage anyone who is looking to heal the body, mentally, physically, emotionally, to see Leona.

Nancy H.

North Hills, CA

Leona practices with a wealth of knowledge, care, heart, dedication, and professionalism. I started seeing her at the recommendation of my OB/GYN, who said she’s seen Leona do “amazing things”. I was definitely on board with a doctor recommended nutritionist! I dealt with painful ovarian cysts for 10 years, even though I was taking oral contraception to reduce them. Furthermore, while I always received a clean bill of health from my general practitioner, I always struggled with how well I truly felt. The blood tests Leona ordered revealed some issues that never showed up in my annual physicals. The treatment she provided (dietary and supplementation) was gradual and easy to incorporate into my life. The physiological changes were unbelievable. I was finally able to feel the energy and clarity, and within the year, my ovarian pain and cysts diminished. I even lost weight I didn’t realize I needed to lose. I felt better than I ever felt in my life. I had no idea going in, just how much I would get out of this experience. She was patient and sympathetic throughout the process, and I honestly could not have come out on the other side of my newfound health without her guidance. It’s been about 5 years since I stopped seeing her, I still practice the habits she taught me, and I still feel amazing. She truly changed my life.

Nikki W.

Santa Monica, CA

I’ve had a wonderful experience working with Leona for four years and counting. I was referred to her by a friend after completing breast cancer treatment. She has helped me stay cancer-free, improved my overall health, and even advised me on natural skincare options. She’s caring, goodnatured, and truly devoted to her clients. I appreciate her passion for staying current on the latest health innovations and her sensitivity to budget concerns. Also, her recipes are easy and delicious! I highly recommend her, whether you’re facing a serious diagnosis or just looking for a tune up.

Sarah T.

Los Angeles

Leona has helped me for over the last five years with my PCOS. She’s been a blessing in my life teaching me so much about what my body needs based on my symptoms and lab work. Her knowledge and expertise made me feel safe and that I was in the best hands. I’ve referred her to everyone I know, she is a true gem.

Karina F.

Los Angeles, CA

Before I met Leona, I hadn’t gotten my period for 7 years. No doctor had been able to tell me why I wasn’t menstruating, or offer any solution for regulating my cycle other than birth control. Within 4 months of working with Leona, I got my period naturally. In addition to her great skill as a nutritionist, Leona’s patience, generosity and understanding as we worked toward my goals gave me the space and confidence I needed to make the changes I needed to make in order to heal. She is a wonderful person and a wonderful practitioner and I am very grateful to have found her.

Alice W.

Los Angeles

I have been working with Leona for over a year now and could not be happier. I was referred to her by my ob gyn, and she has helped me with numerous issues. Leona listens carefully to address whatever concerns you are experiencing and curates a customized approach to help you achieve your goals. In my case I needed help supporting my overall health, energy, and hormones. Additionally, I was looking to streamline my diet and Leona has been amazing. After analyzing my blood work, she created a well thought out, customized meal plan complete with vitamins and supplements. She is a wealth of information, and continues to give me suggestions that I utilize everyday. Since seeing Leona, I have experienced improved energy and overall health. Leona has such a gentle disposition and I love her holistic approach which is backed up by her extensive knowledge. I wish I had met her sooner!

Jennifer P.

Los Angeles, CA

Leona West is wonderful, her care and expertise helped me correct thyroid issues naturally so I could get pregnant! 

Sheryl K.

Torrance, CA

Over the years I’ve seen Nutritionist, Leona West, who is quite brilliant and methodical, and who provided me with a realistic and doable plan to address fertility/pre-menopausal issues
as well as weight loss.

Paula Z.

Los Angeles, CA

Fertility and Pregnancy

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I started working with Leona over 2 years ago. My fertility doctor highly recommended Leona, and I’m so happy that she did. Leona is kind, thorough, and gives great resources. With her guidance, I really felt supported and noticed how much her recommendations helped me in my fertility journey. The embryo transfer was successful on the first try, and I believe Leona’s recommendations played a big part in that. I had a healthy pregnancy and postpartum recovery, and her support during that time was invaluable. I’m continuing to work with her for long-term health and nutrition support.
Yana A.

Sherman Oaks, CA

I was referred to Leona by my fertility doctor. Not only did working with Leona improve my results around egg freezing cycles, I have also been able to build great habits for overall health in the long term. As someone who used to regularly eat fast food, I now find myself craving vegetables and actually enjoying nutritious foods. Leona’s really great at breaking down information to make it easy to understand and also has helped me make changes in a practical way that doesn’t feel overwhelming. I am so appreciative of Leona and all her advice!
Yi C

Los Angeles, CA

I met Leona West through a friend 10 years ago. I was trying to have a child later in life. My girlfriend told me Leona will be able to help me by increasing my chances.

Leona was essential in balancing my hormones, helping me with what food to eat to support my health and increase my chances of getting pregnant, and advising me on best supplement to take.
Happy to say I have a 21-month-old beautiful baby girl right now. 🙂

Leona is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to and a lot of experience in her field.

Jo F.

Los Angeles, CA

I have worked with Leona for some time now and she has helped me tremendously over the years with diet, ongoing gut issues, health assessments, overall wellness and more recently fertility and pregnancy. Leading up to conception of my daughter, I went on Leona’s fertility protocol and was pregnant on month number one! We then met each trimester to review supplements, nutritional support and health and lifestyle practices to support pregnancy and birth. She helped me to formulate a plan to keep my nutrition strong while embarking on motherhood and breastfeeding for the first time. More recently, we have worked together again during TTC and pregnancy for the birth of my second child. This go around, I needed more support on my fertility journey and Leona was critical in helping to determine optimal blood work and adjust specific markers to support conception. Again we have worked together each trimester to optimize health, well being and energy during this pregnancy. I am so thankful for her knowledge and guidance and consider her a true healer!

Michelle L.

Santa Monica, CA

Thank you so much Leona for all your wisdom, knowledge, and support. My experience with my first baby would not have been the same without your guidance. I felt very empowered during my pregnancy and beyond. I highly recommend Leona to expecting mothers or anyone seeking permanent change in their overall wellbeing.

E. Pilar

Los Angeles, CA

Working with Leona has been a terrific and frankly necessary way to take control of my health. To have someone look deeper into labs than my primary care physician and seek connections between issues has been invaluable and empowering. She was a particularly amazing resource guiding my nutrition and supplements through preconception, each trimester of pregnancy and postpartum and both my baby and I are in stellar health. I credit my easy pregnancy, quick postpartum recovery and abundant milk supply to her!

Marieve H.

Los Angeles, CA

I was referred to Leona West, nutritionist extraordinaire, by a colleague and I am so glad I was able to work with her! She helped me gain so much information about what was affecting my fertility issues and guided me to take charge of my health with manageable nutrition and affordable supplement plan that resulted in my pregnancy after nearly 10 years of trying! Although I had been working with other professionals in traditional medical offices, no one gave me insight into how my body worked that Leona did. I am
eternally grateful and will continue to work with Leona to live the healthiest life possible!


Boston, MA

I was blessed to be introduced to Leona J. West through a friend who raved about her at a dinner party one night . My initial consultations with her were to increase my general health and energy level. I had some results but didn’t consistently follow the game plan she gave me so I had no legitimate complaints. Two years ago, my husband and I began trying to conceive our first child with disappointing results. After visits to numerous doctors and an overwhelming number of tests, the standard feedback was frustrating. We were told our problem conceiving was unexplainable because our tests were continually coming back normal. The one factor that they would each hang their hat on was AGE. The standard answer was that it’s much harder to conceive over 35 years of age because of reduced egg quality and quantity. The advice was to start the IVF process right away because in THEIR opinion that was our only chance. In frustration and with a glimmer of hope, I turned to Leona for help. She reviewed my tests and asked me a thorough set of questions designed to pinpoint what the issues might be. She came up with a game plan for me that included fertility smoothies, fertility supplements, and fertility dietary modifications. I jumped on it full force at the start of May, I diligently followed her plan and by mid-August 2013 we were pregnant! My husband calls this our “miracle" baby because Leona truly is a miracle worker. Thank you Leona for EVERYTHING!

Delece J.

Canoga Park, CA

Best nutritionist I ever met. She was the person who helped me before pregnancy to get pregnant and during that and after that to have the best nutrition diets. Very nice and respectful person! 

Maha T.

Los Angeles, CA

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for several years. Two miscarriages and one failed IVF almost took away our hope. I was recommended by my fertility treatment doctor to Leona. With a health/vitamin screen and a detailed discussion on our goal, Leona laid out a diet guide and vitamin recommendations for both my husband and I. It was hard to follow at the beginning, but soon after I started to like the new category of food and felt my body becoming lighter. Instead of blindly look up information online without knowing if all the “good stuff” suits us like what we did before, we feel much more confident and making progress by following Leona’s plan. After 3 months, test results on my husband side showed great improvement as well as IVF fertilization rate. Even though we were still unable to have embryo in this round of IVF. We continue the diet and vitamins for our long term good. After another 2 months, a miracle happened to us. I conceived on our own! I am now following up with Leona to optimize the diet plan for pregnancy. This has been an amazing journey, and I don’t think we could have gone this far without Leona. I truly recommend Leona to anyone wants to improve fertility or long term health.

Chia-Ling F

Los Angeles, CA

Leona was referred to me by my OB GYN and it took me a few years before I started seeing her – but I wish I started seeing her even sooner! I’ve been working with Leona for a year now and started seeing her a few months before I knew me and my husband wanted to start trying to get pregnant. At our first assessment, Leona had me do a genetic (saliva) test, as well as a blood test (to see where my levels actually are). The results of these tests taught me more than I have ever known about my genetic makeup and what I need to change in my daily diet, vitamins and supplements. For example – I never knew I had a gene that makes me allergic to folic acid – I can only have folate. With this gene, if I take folic acid – it can actually be poisonous to my liver. Luckily – Leona caught that and made sure the prenatal vitamins I’m taking only have folate – and not folic acid. I also found out I have the MTHRFR gene – which can cause a slew of health problems – so she taught me how to navigate that. When I first came into her office – I brought in a bag with 15 supplements I had randomly picked out myself based on things I had read or supplements/vitamins other people had told me to take – and I didn’t even realize that all vitamins and supplements truly are not created equally. Leona only approved one of the supplements in that bag and had me change the other supplements to work towards getting pregnant. My husband and I were super fortunate and were able to conceive right away. When we found out that we were pregnant – Leona immediately changed the supplements and vitamins I was taking and helped me change my diet as well. She is extremely knowledgeable and continues to guide me through my pregnancy and has prepared me for postnatal nutrition as well. I am so grateful to have found Leona and have her guide me through my pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy, and look forward to her guiding me throughout
the future as well – like when I’m trying to lose the baby weight. I highly recommend her as a nutritionist and wellness resource!

Jill K.

Santa Monica, CA

I have been seeing Leona for 5+ years and she has been an incredible health resource. She is very thorough and knowledgeable. She evaluates blood work and made me feel good about approaching health from a holistic background. There has not been an issue she hasn’t been well-versed in. She was very helpful to me during my pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and post-natal health process. I highly recommend her for all health issues and urge friends and family to seek her out. 

Ashley M.

Los Angeles, CA

At seven months pregnant, I developed severe anemia along with edema. I had very little energy and my feet were so swollen I could barely walk. The doctor suggested I use compression stockings and told me to elevate my feet as well. The doctor’s professional opinion was that “pregnancy is uncomfortable and that it would go away after I had the baby”. For my anemia, the doctor prescribed a synthetic iron supplement and told me that it would take about four months to see results. I felt hopeless. I had honestly never entertained the possibility that my problems could be solved through a nutritionist but Leona seemed very informed and confident that both my anemia and edema could be treated through a specific nutritional program. At this point, I was willing to try anything but I still had my doubts. She looked at my swollen feet and requested a copy of my blood work. Within the week Leona had devised a whole nutrition program for me. I followed the program diligently and I began to feel better within days. After one week my edema had basically subsided. However, the true test was when I received the results of my next blood test. My doctor was amazed. She said that she had never seen such a huge improvement in iron levels in such a short time. In a month I had overcome my anemia and later delivered a healthy, happy 7lb baby girl!

Anya H.

Santa Monica, CA

I consulted with Leona after a very positive referral from a friend. She was proactive and supportive in addressing my pre-pregnancy concerns and 18 months and a very healthy pregnancy/baby later, I continue to check in with Leona to keep on track and optimize my well-being. My husband has also seen her and he has been very pleased with her knowledge, care and insights. Leona is responsive to our requests, whether for suggested meal plans, supplements or approaches to dealing with choices related to exercise and diet. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Naomi D.

Los Angeles, CA

Leona has changed my life! Her superior ability to understand and guide true health and lifestyle goals while providing insightful recommendations is incredible! Not only was I able to achieve my own goals of stabilizing my internal nutrition – I am now 7 months pregnant!!! I am forever grateful to Leona for being a wealth of knowledge, resources, and a true guide on this journey of life! She is a very special human and I hope she is in my family’s life for many years to come!

Stephanie T.

Los Angeles, CA

Family Health

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I have too many wonderful things to say, where do I start… After years of doctors visits for my GI issues, I knew there must be a better solution than drugs. A good friend of mine introduced me to Leona. Leona helped me understand what was really going on and how to address my issues and discomfort with natural solutions! Leona also helped me immensely when I was being pressured by medical staff to give my preemie formula because there was concern about him getting the right level of nutrients. Following Leona’s guidelines and supplementing my own diet, I was able to exclusively breastfeed my son. I had his nutrient levels & my milk macros checked – they were perfect! I am so grateful that I had Leona’s support & guidance through all of this!


Santa Monica, CA

I love Leona so much! I can say enough wonderful things about her. My husband started going to her first-he’s also a mega fan. I started seeing her 3 years after my husband did. I couldn’t lose the last 5 pounds I was hoping to and I wanted to learn about nutrition in a real way. Guys, she knows everything about everything. Fertility, weight loss, aging, exercise, she’s a fountain of information. I read all about these subjects and work in the fitness industry so I consider myself a wellness enthusiast and I’m hard to impress. She’s helped our whole family so much. Additionally, she works with a pediatrician and is well versed in all matters pertaining to kid health too. I email her about our children when we have a rough patch. We recommend her to all our friends-friends who want to lose weight, a friend who is dealing with cancer/receiving chemo, and to friends trying to conceive. She’s up for any challenge and she’s completely caring and positive. She emails and follows up in the most thorough, kind way. She’s a brilliant sweetheart with a sensitive bedside manner. 

Jenny L.

Santa Monica, CA

Leona West has made an incredible difference in our lives. Leona was recommended to my family nearly three years ago and we have been under her care since. Leona uses a very extensive test that provides a complete work up on vitamin, mineral, toxicity, and other markers. She can find out what the underlying health issues are. This test enables Leona to apply her incredible knowledge using a data driven approach to resolving both minor and major health issues. She will uncover things your traditional western doctor will not.

However, what I appreciate most is that Leona is not an ideologue, she looks at what the body needs for each individual and makes recommendations from there. Having Leona is like having a food therapist, something that we have come to place great value on as we see the difference it has made in helping us moderate stress and its impact on our health. Just recently she helped identify hypoglycemic issues with my 5 year old and got her on a homeopathic remedy and she’s been doing great! Huge reduction in tantrums (80-90 percent) and she’s settling into school wonderfully. She’s now taking probiotics and we are getting more diverse foods into her. Thank you thank you so much for all your help!

Devora S.

Los Angeles, CA

Total Transformations

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Leona possesses a level of expertise that is incredibly well informed and researched. She was able to apply her years of experience and knowledge to my specific needs in a holistic, exact, empirical way which helped me almost immediately. And she does it with a very professional and pleasant demeanor. She is simply the best. If you happen to have to wait a while for an appointment it is well worth it.

Ted S.

Los Angeles, CA

Years ago I was under a ton of stress, eating terribly to get by and experiencing a list of different physical reactions/problems. Two friends recommended Leona. Our first meeting was a combination of thorough blood work analysis and discussing the week long food and lifestyle journal she asked me to keep. She was immediately able to connect the dots, highlight entire food groups I was missing and make specific recommendations. That really turned my health around and I’ve eagerly gone back for over a decade to learn/know more!

Alex S.

Los Angeles, CA

Before meeting with Leona, I had inconsistent and non-nutritious eating habits. Over the past decade, Leona has not only helped me shape a sound nutrition plan in what was once lacking, but has also helped me heal chronic intestinal issues, improve energy, and continue to learn about leading health practices. I am forever thankful for Leona and her ongoing practical, feasible, and extremely helpful guidance.

Michelle L.

Santa Monica, CA

I can’t say enough great things about Leona. She has absolutely changed my life. After suffering with GI issues for some time, she put together a tailored approach based on my genetic makeup, allergies and sensitivities I have, and my overall health goals. Within a period of 4 months, I have completely transformed my diet, lifestyle and overall health. All of my blood work is now within healthy ranges, I’ve lost 25 pounds and I absolutely feel great! And most importantly my GI issues are completely gone! She’s the absolute best — so incredibly knowledgeable, easy to work with and very caring. All of these changes were done through food and natural supplements and remedies.I could not recommend her more highly!!!

Elliot K.

Los Angeles, CA

Leona is a life saver… literally! I honestly can not say enough good things about Leona. At a time in my life where I had hit the wall and felt there were no solutions, she dramatically changed my quality of life and health.

I had been suffering from an array of illnesses when I came to see her. I was reluctant to believe anyone could make a significant impact at that point however hearing the rave reviews about Leona from a woman at my Yoga studio I was willing and open to give her a try. Upon meeting Leona I was blown away with her vast knowledge, ability to understand things holistically, and her ability to always look at the big picture.

Before coming to Leona I had taken the pharmaceutical route suggested by a Dr. to treat a medical concern. I ended up with illness and damage to two of my organs from this prescribed medication. I was utterly exhausted, my body felt completely run down, and I was in a lot of daily pain. Leona quickly changed that around. She did a comprehensive blood panel and food allergy testing that got to the bottom of what was really going on in my body. She quickly put together an eating plan with supplementation to balance and heal me. She was there for me 100% encouraging and supporting me while always answering every question knowledgeably and quickly troubleshooting any concerns along the way.

I have now been seeing Leona for about a year and a half. I have lost a significant amount of weight, my illnesses have been cured, and the symptoms of my organ problems are almost completely gone, I feel amazing and better every day, and my pain levels are dramatically decreased. My friends and family are blown away with my transformation (not to mention myself). Leona has done things that no traditional Western Dr. could do! For the first time in my life I feel like I have my life back and most importantly tools to keep myself on the right track and healthy for life!

Lastly, I would like to say Leona is amazing and truly cares deeply about her patients. I feel so grateful everyday to have met her. She has given me my life and my health back. I plan on continuing to see her for a long time to come and I highly recommend her to anyone in need. She will not disappoint!

Liana G.

Los Angeles, CA

I had been suffering from Fibromyalgia, Generalized Anxiety, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over 2 years. It was extremely debilitating. At times, I couldn’t even walk or drive. I could not make plans for future events, never knowing if I would be able to attend. This was very difficult physically and emotionally for me and loved ones around me.

I met with Leona and I can truly say that she has changed my life. Leona introduced me with an optimized nutritional plan from the information she obtained about my lifestyle, lab results, and my daily diet. With their caring personality and sincere passion and support, I was encouraged to a healthy living and for the first time gained assurance that my pain and illness was not imaginary.

One of the most effective tests I was recommended to take was the food and chemical sensitivity test with which I became aware of the underlying causes of my pain and discomforts. Gradually with the right diagnosis, treatments and education I discovered a strength and energy that I didn’t know could exist. With the right nutrition and exercise changes, plus getting rid of toxins in my system and replacing them with adequate minerals and vitamins, my pain and symptoms are almost completely gone, and the Fibromyalgia is so much better. I even felt improvement in daily discomforts that had prior become part of my daily agenda: back pain, headaches, nausea, acid reflux, coughing, difficulty falling sleep or even staying sleep, acne, and constant hives. I have never been one to recommend, especially a nutritionist , to anyone so this is a first. I owe my “unexpected” recovery to the knowledge and skills of Leona West. I feel truly blessed to have found them. Life is once again worth living and I consider her a true friend. Her directness and passion for providing health care and improving individual health is exemplary!

Mona K.

Los Angeles, CA

I have worked with Leona West over the phone around inflammation, digestion, weight gain, my kidneys, auto-immune thyroid and other related issues. There was no issue for me to have the tests she ordered in order for her to assess the bigger issues going on in my body, to then make a determination and prescribe a protocol based on her experienced findings.

I have found her advice, knowledge and wisdom interpreted through the protocols that she suggested to be highly valuable and effective. Within a three month period, which was the goal I set for myself, a certain condition was cleared according to the testing through the medical channels.

Leona is both personal, empathetic and understanding as well as professionally very thorough. I felt very comfortable to take up her suggestions of specific supplements over others as regards their specificity to my particular needs and situation. I do not hesitate to recommend Dr. Leona’s services.

Miriam S.

Toronto, Canada

I have been a client of Leona’s for 5 years. She has helped me on my wellness journey tremendously. I was feeling very frustrated with my doctors and was not feeling that my health concerns were being heard and validated. I was feeling brushed off by many of my doctors. Leona will spend the time that is needed to put together a very detailed and specific plan for me including dietary recommendations and supplements based on my personal needs. Every time I meet with Leona she is warm and welcoming and listens to all of my health concerns and answers my questions. She has been the only health practitioner that I feel has helped ,me to become healthy again and I am feeling great! When I have any questions or concerns regarding any new symptoms, she always gives me a plan that works to fit my needs and I see results. I cannot recommend Leona highly enough.

Amy B.

Los Angeles, CA

Leona is truly the most amazing human being I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with. Not only is she a true professional, and an expert within her field, she takes the time to get to know you, and goes above and beyond when it comes to your health. 10 years ago I was told I was a pre-diabetic, and the only solution was to start taking insulin (6 months after losing my mom to diabetes).I was referred to Leona, and went to her office out of desperation. After carefully reviewing everything, she created a specific plan just for me. I am happy to say that within 6 months, there were no traces of high blood sugar. Later, she worked with me to overcome painful cycles due to adenomyosis and high hormones!!! 10 years later, and I trust her more than any doctor. She has been a true value add to the quality of my life. If you want to live a healthy and happy life, do yourself a favor, and schedule a visit with her. She will transform your life. I am truly blessed to have had the honor to meet her, and get the opportunity to have such an amazing force in my life. I will be a client of hers no matter what, and I trust her with my health.

Ziba A.

Los Angeles, CA

Before booking my first appointment with Leona I had very low energy, in addition to having overall inflammation, uterine related issues, and mild depression. Leona ordered a comprehensive blood test for me and we learned that I was deficient in many essential nutrients, in addition to having high Heavy metal toxicity, high environmental toxicity, estrogen dominance, malabsorption issues and GI dysbiosis.

Leona created a customized health and lifestyle plan for me which included supplements, meal plan, detox plan, and exercise. Within the first week of implementing her plan I noticed immediate results -my energy levels were through the roof, I was much happier and I was feeling healthier overall.

After years of visiting with Leona, my meal plan has become more refined and I finally stopped craving sugar and refined carbs the way I used to (I was an addict) I feel better now than I have in 15 years. I now know my body better than ever and appreciate understanding how different foods affect it. I am now 100% convinced that mental health is largely related to nutrition.

I’m so happy to have been referred to Leona and I have since referred her to many people as well. She is a wealth of knowledge and is one of the best nutritionists out there. I’ve learned so much from her and I always consult with her before a doctor because she will always discover the root cause of a problem first. I highly recommend Leona to anyone who wants to improve their overall quality of life -we are blessed to have access to someone like her.

Lisa A.

Hollywood, CA

Leona is amazing professionally and in addition is incredibly sensitive, thoughtful, kind and encouraging. I highly recommend getting blood testing for sensitivities and nutritional balance done through her. She will articulate the results in an easy to understand manner and set up a program to address micro issues you had no idea you had but could be contributing to a plethora of concerns. If you follow her program it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE in terms of your overall health and as a bonus you may drop a few pounds and have the best skin you’ve ever had.

Deb S.

Los Angeles, CA

I am forever grateful to Leona. In the past year I’ve had three sessions with nutritionist Leona West. In those few sessions she literally transformed my life. She is the most knowledgeable person I’ve met, extremely professional, caring, and most importantly, realistic. The program she put me on fits my lifestyle and is therefore achievable. My blood tests have shown a significant decrease in bad cholesterol and an increase in all other important areas. I feel better and have more energy as a direct result of following her expert advice.

I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who may be looking to improve their quality of life, health and wellness.

Bez T.

Sherman Oaks, CA

I was referred to Leona by a coworker, we chatted about all sorts of things, but one thing that I noticed about my coworker was her consistently healthy eating patterns. Through our conversations, I learned why she ate what she ate, and from there, I took an interest in adopting a similar lifestyle. I visited with Leona and learned many things about myself and my body that I never knew! I regularly visit my internist for yearly physicals, but when she explained to me the results of my bloodwork, coupled with my lifestyle, many things began to make sense. For one, she was able to explain why I was always so fatigued/lacked energy. I was completely blown away by the depth of her knowledge! Immediately, I purchased the right supplements, adopted her suggestions and began to truly take care of myself. It was fairly easy, but there is a level of commitment that one must make to continue implementing healthy lifestyle patterns, which was something I’d never made the time for in the past. I have a busy lifestyle and at times find it challenging, but the fact that I’m more aware of my body and it’s needs is a great start for me. That awareness has caused me to make small but significant changes in my life. I’m grateful that through Leona’s advice I am taking more of an interest in my body and nutrition.

Rochelle N.

Los Angeles, CA

Leona was very highly referred to by a friend to assist me with my allergies. She’s amazing, extremely knowledgeable, pays attention to every detail and truly cares. All her recommendations are tailor made to the individual. Not only as she helped me immensely with my allergies, that I had been struggling with for almost 3 years, through functional medicine, she has also assisted me in several other areas, including my overall health, sleep, anxiety, eye health, skin, hair, etc. All of these changes to my lifestyle have been done through diet and natural supplements/remedies. I cannot recommend her highly enough…both personally and professionally. Thank you Leona for everything you’ve done and I know will continue in doing with our work together!

Lisa L.

Santa Monica, CA

Last Hope and Mysteries Solved

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Leona, has truly helped me over the years overcome some major health issues I was having that not even doctors at Mayo nor my cardiologist’s could help me with. I am very thankful for her medical expertise. If you are looking to maintain your health or have health issues that are hard to diagnose I highly recommend, Leona. She has helped me and given me hope when I was frustrated and felt like giving up.

Katrina D

Las Vegas, NV

I send everyone to Leona. She is very knowledgeable, will explain things clearly, and will order and look at labs as a guide. Before I saw Leona, I was sick for nearly a decade and saw so many doctors and had many labs run trying to figure out what was wrong. No one could find anything, and then she had a guess on our first visit that proved correct via lab testing. She’s the best!

Emily E.

Venice, CA

After being told that I needed radiation everyday, for six weeks, near my heart, I was sure that there had to be an alternative way of healing. I traveled back and forth out of the country for about a year for treatment but after a year, ultrasounds still showed I had a 1.8 cm, enlarged, abnormal lymph node, that was suspicious of malignancy. I could have continued going out of the country for treatment but stopped. Why, you might ask? A friend, that was cured of fibromyalgia with the help of Leona, told me how Leona recommends her clients take tests that help you find out specifically what your body needs to heal. She takes time to map out a healing plan focused on nutrition and lifestyle that meets her clients individual needs. I was blown away at how detailed my healing plan was. It had pictures, recipes and websites to show where I could purchase supplements, among other things. My last ultrasound, taken about 9 months after following Leona’s plan closely, showed my lymph node shrunk to 5 mm and was clearly benign. Wow! I thank God for leading me to Leona!

Psalm P.

San Francisco, CA

For about a year and a half I suffered from various ailments including allergies, itchy throat, frequent and severe yeast infections and a few others that I don’t even remember now. During that period, I returned to the doctors many times just to hear them tell me that all results were normal, until a friend told me about her Nutritionist. I decided to then make an appointment with Leona, now I swear by her and recommend her to everyone; it doesn’t matter what they are suffering from. By correcting my diet, all my symptoms are gone and most of them disappeared within one or two months. It is not an easy transition, as we are used to conforming to society by consuming over processed foods that were modified or “damaged” during overproduction. However, the benefits you receive from following her guidance are priceless. Thank you so much Leona for your valuable help, thanks to you my health complaints are a thing of the past!

Patti C.

Los Angeles, CA

She really helped me when others could not! had an illness for over 3 years that could not be diagnosed by regular doctors. I went to Leona’s and she simply has access to labs that looked at things more thoroughly than what others had tried in the past. It turned out, that’s all I needed. It was an unusual infection the docs weren’t looking for. I will always be grateful for her help in diagnosing the issue and guiding me through the lengthy healing process. Thanks Lady!! My belly feels so much better and it’s all because of your help!


Los Angeles, CA

I can’t say enough great things about Leona. I was intro’d to her after working with several other holistic / nutritionists who were never able to help me with my health issues. Leona pinpointed my issues on our first round of tests (which no doctor or nutritionist had ever found!) and after a great consultation session, prescribed the diet, cleanse, and supplementation I needed to finally heal and recover! I have never felt better. Yes, healing yourself through diet is not a quick fix, but it is truly the only real fix, and Leona is an amazing guide through the process. I cannot recommend Leona enough!

Elizabeth J.

Los Angeles, CA

Finding Leona almost five years ago pretty much saved my life. I had had a total physical collapse and multiple Western Medical doctors and specialists, and their tests, could find nothing wrong — and they told me so without concern, even as I sat right before them in their offices, a barely alive puddle. I was finally connected to Leona, who ran a battery of tests that showed that (among numerous other things going wrong with my body’s nutrient absorption, adrenals, ETC.) I was suffering from severe mercury toxicity! Leona truly listens and thus knew that my body is super-sensitive, and she helped me to chelate the mercury as gently as possible (and, some time later, lead, when I was poisoned by that). A great example of her sensitivity to her clients’ needs in this aspect is this: Both my husband and I wanted to start taking a “greens powder”…but while I am ultra-sensitive, my husband’s system is solid and tough, so she recommended two different powders, since she knew that the one she recommended for my husband would be too strong for my system to handle. She is always up on the latest information in her areas of expertise, and she investigates trends to verify their validity. If she doesn’t know about something, she will look into it. Also, one of her main priorities is to check the SOURCES of the supplements that she recommends, to ensure the most pure and clean forms of things. Leona clearly loves her work, found her calling, and takes great pride in delivering excellence in her field. If you have found Leona to help you to be the healthiest you can be, you have truly found a rare gem…


Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

All I can say is that Leona West pretty much saved my life. I had been to several internal medicine doctors, gastro “specialists”, witch doctors and psychics (just kidding). None of them had an explanation for my issues. I took some basic tests and came back to visit Leona a few weeks later. The fact is that I spent an hour in her office going over every possible bit of information regarding my blood, hormones and intestinal health. More information than any 10 visits to my internal medicine doctors.

To put it into perspective… I went to visit my internal medicine doctor recently. Waited 30 minutes to see him. His nurse practitioner spent the majority of the 5 minute visit taking my vitals. When my doc finally came in to check my chest he placed a stethoscope to my chest, had me cough and wrote a prescription. When my insurance papers came back he had charged them over $700 for examinations and only spent 3 minutes total in my company. Really?!!

Thank you Leona!!

Corrado R.

Santa Monica, CA

I’m very grateful for Leona. Finally wiith the right tests, supplements, exercise and nutrition advice I can say that I no longer have fibromyalgia. I thank god for her knowledge and support.

Tsarina J.

Culver City, CA

Leona was recommended to me by a friend after I had tried everything else. She was my last hope and luckily, she turned around what I thought was a helpless situation. I’ve suffered from digestive issues and migraines for years — I saw countless doctors, other nutritionists and I really felt like there was nothing that could help me. Then I met Leona who not only listened to me and my concerns but had thorough tests conducted (only those which she deemed were necessary) and we were able to get to the bottom of my digestive and migraine issues. She worked out an incredibly detailed plan for me which fit MY lifestyle. It wasn’t some pie in the sky plan — it was a practical, doable plan that fit into my everyday life. Leona taught me how to use food as medicine to heal myself. She has given me incredible support mentally, emotionally and physically. She has a great wealth of knowledge and has helped not only myself but several other friends and family I have sent her way. Leona is a godsend — truly. Not to mention she is very reasonably priced for the amount of care and attention to detail you are receiving. I can’t recommend her enough.

Jessica B.

Los Angeles, CA

Optimal Health and Metabolic Function

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I heard about Leona from someone who could only sing her praises as they were healed of a gastrointestinal condition after many years of seeing traditional doctors, taking many medications and doing multiple tests at cedars Sinai.

In the effort to not be too long winded let me say that Leona is a very uniquely qualified practitioner whose input, guidance and wisdom never ceases to amaze me.

I have seen many talented doctors and practitioners through the years and in that context I must say Leona stands out big time!

I have referred her numerous times and it touches my heart each time someone I know has reached out to her as I know what good hands they are in.

Craig S.

Los Angeles, CA

Anytime I see Leona or talk to her is absolutely wonderful… Leona is full of wisdom and knowledge, she has always blessed me. Her knowledge is Truly Amazing..& has literally saved me, several times!! Blessings to Her!

Patsy O.

Los Angeles, CA

I was so lucky to be introduced to Leona by a friend a few years ago. Suffering from various health issues for many years, Leona reviewed my blood work and helped me to understand my numerous deficiencies and hence why I never felt 100%. Her advice and plans have really helped to improve my overall health and also weight and exercise goals. Not only is she extremely caring and concerned, but she is very knowledgeable and sets realistic and achievable goals. It’s so exciting when I go for regular consultations to see actual improvements in my results – as Leona is as pleased as I am which always feels so good. I can’t recommend her highly enough (and have indeed sent a few friends to her as well who also rave about her!).

Miranda H.

Los Angeles, CA

Leona is an inspiring and trusted nutritional and wellness advisor. I am beyond grateful to have had access to her expertise, insight and encouragement over the last five years. She has helped me tremendously when it comes to learning about and incorporating the necessary food, lifestyle and supplements choices to best support my health goals. She has also taught me that information is power and that the body can grow stronger with a positive outlook and patience/time. I’m looking forward to continuing our work together.

Kristina J.

Los Angeles, CA

I have been suffering with kidney stones for 10 yrs. I’ve passed 12 (usually once a year) and had surgery for lucky #13. All doctors told me that I just made stones. I didn’t want to take that as an answer (would wish that pain on my worst enemy). 2 yrs ago I found Leona. She gave me an alcat test and learned that I wasn’t absorbing calcium ( my stones were all calcium oxalate) because I was deficient in other vitamins and minerals. I have been taking the supplements that she suggested and I haven’t had a stone in 2 yrs! (Knock on wood). Leona west really helped me! I highly recommend!

Amanda D.

Los Angeles, CA

Leona is absolutely brilliant and makes the process a truly enjoyable experience!

Laura L.

Santa Monica, CA

I’ve been followed by Leona West for well over a year. I was already very interested in nutrition and have accumulated quite some knowledge about my diet. I wasn’t exactly looking to lose weight, more to understand better in detail which kind of specific food are good and bad for my body type.
Leona has been a great help, very knowledgeable and understood quickly my needs. Since we put a “diet” together, I have been in great shape, amazing health and immune system – I used to always get the flu and colds…
Thanks Leona!

Cedric B.

Brooklyn, NY

Leona West is the most knowledgeable person you can find in the field of nutrition. A couple of years later I developed terrible back pain from sports injury and this was the missing link in my recovery.

I’ve recommended Leona to many of my friends and family members and everyone who’s seen her is extremely impressed.

Pedro U.

Pacific Palisades, CA

Working with Leona has been a “whole body”, “whole life” improvement. I would have never thought that attaining good health and well-being could come so naturally. The improvements I have experienced are way beyond my expectations. I now know my body and how to keep it healthy for life. Thank you Leona for your tremendous support.

Colette H.


There are very few things that you can truly say are life changing. For me, working with Leona has been one of them. The most important thing I’ve learned from her is that EVERY single BODY is different. We’re so used to blanket statements and sweeping recommendations like “Fat is bad– wait! Carbs are bad– wait!…” That’s why working with someone as knowledgeable as Leona is crucial for true healing. She analyzes everything that is going on inside your body, and makes suggestions accordingly. I thought that a nutritionist was just a person who said, “Eat more broccoli.” Leona is so very much more than that. Working with her has been both a pleasure and a blessing.

Devon K.

Los Angeles, CA

Leona West is an extremely knowledgeable nutritionist who keeps abreast of the current research in her field. She listens intently to my recent dietary progress/problem areas; reviews labs; and then amazingly ties them together in a coherent nutritional profile and treatment plan. I feel that she looks at all of me and not just a dissected part, as is typically reflective of the traditional medical model. As a result of my sessions with Leona I am able to make meaningful changes in my health. Subsequently, I am replenished with a new sense of vitality; this keeps me motivated and excited about maintaining a targeted nutrition plan and balanced lifestyle. A metamorphosis is occurring; I know with certainty that Leona is helping me to grow and evolve with regards to achieving my full health potential.

Susan M. Simon

Santa Monica, CA

As a Health, Wellness, and Fitness professional, it’s incredibly important for me to work and be aligned with the best people in my field. Leona is indeed at the top of that list! Leona and I have been working together for over a year and I have never felt so good about how and what I eat. I’m extremely active, and I have always made every effort to take excellent care of myself. But being able to so specifically break down my nutrition needs – based on the many tests we have done – has had a highly valuable impact on my energy, sleep, and digestion. The changes I have made with Leona’s guidance has had a significant effect on my mental well-being and overall happiness.
Thanks Leona!

Jessica S.

Los Angeles, CA

Leona is an excellent nutritionist. Most doctors and holistic practitioners that I have seen have their own protocol and push that agenda vs actually listening to the clients needs. Leona uses cutting edge science with factual based analysis to derive a plan suited for an individuals needs. She also understands a client’s lifestyle and capabilities and tailors a specific plan for that. She has helped me get to health goals that I never thought were ever attainable. Also help me get off prescription stains and other prescription drugs that were not serving me. If you have any issues with your health or just looking to lose weight or whatever it is she will be able to help you.

Asif F.

Studio City, CA

I have been seeing Leona West for several years. What I want was to improve my health, without using “modern day drugs” that have serious side effects. Through time, I was able to make adjustments in diet, exercise, and yes give up some of the coffee that I consume daily. Net effect, better scores on the critical numbers that we review on a regular basis. Like any process, it helps to have a coach to reach the goal that one sets for oneself.

Ken K.

Los Angeles, CA

I first went to Leona 10 years ago related to digestion problems and a weakened immune system. She is very knowledgeable and stays ahead of the curve in her field. She uses an integrated and comprehensive approach to overall wellness. Leona has been my go to Doctor over the years for various health related opportunities and I’ve learned a great deal from her about healthy eating and living. I’ve been enjoying optimal health since and highly recommend Leona no matter what your goals are.

Irene K.

Santa Monica, CA

After a couple years of misdiagnosis by my primary care physician, my women’s doctor referred me to Leona. Initially, I thought it was a stretch that a nutritionist could heal what no doctors or my acupuncturist could properly heal. I was so wrong! Leona really listens, she carefully studies lab results (whether she ordered them or if they were done through my insurance plan) she recommends specific tests, patiently educates me, discusses different approaches, and then provides very tailored dietary recommendations and nutritional supplements. Everything she does is so specific to my health and lifestyle; never a one-size-fits-all approach. Within a couple weeks of my first line food plan, I was feeling better than I felt in two years! (And I wasn’t starving on some ridiculous fast.) I’m really grateful for Leona’s passion and dedication to her field, and I hope I see functional nutrition become mainstream medicine in my lifetime. I’d recommend her to all my friends and family.

Sissy H.

Los Angeles, CA

Leona has been instrumental in my healing journey! I could not ask for anyone better! She is so kind, knowledgeable and thorough. Leona is also the most non-judgmental person ever. I have been working with Leona for nearly 7 years and I truly don’t know what I would do without her. I am grateful everyday for her knowledge and ability to help people heal. She has saved me in so many ways!


Los Angeles, CA

Leona West, Nutritionist, is the best health care professional I have ever consulted. Leona is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and thorough. For the past 20+ years I’ve gone to traditional doctors looking for solutions to my health problems, only to get more and more frustrated, and in some cases getting harmful side effects from the prescription medications they prescribed. This has never been the case with Leona. She spends a lot of time listening and using sound judgment, laboratory reports, and her expertise to find homeopathic solutions to health issues. NEVER has any other doctor done such a thorough job, or even listened for more than the typical 15 minute office visit. I have recommended Leona to several friends and acquaintances and they have all reported being extremely happy. And they have also recommended her to others as well.


West Hills, CA

get the ball rolling with comprehensive blood work, we determined I was actually pre-diabetic and one tick away from being diagnosed as diabetic. Based on my test results and my food log I presented to Leona, she was able to come up with an eating plan to treat my condition. And I am happy to say I am no longer pre-diabetic! Although that’s pretty darn good news, one of the best things that has come out of working with Leona is actually learning how to eat healthy and making it part of my regular routine. Thanks Leona! You da best!

Heather H.

Los Angeles, CA

Leona is wise, gentle and kind in her approach to working with her clients. She listens deeply and digs in deeply to understand your symptoms and concerns. She develops a comprehensive plan of attack and is your partner all the way through the process of healing with generosity and kindness. I wholeheartedly recommend Leona!

Polly D.

Los Angeles, CA

I consult with nutritionist Leona at least twice a year. She saved my life by putting me on the right diet and she is always there for me with helpful advice, an open mind and empathic listening. I can’t recommend her greatly enough. She really cares deeply about her patients’ health.

Sarka K.

Los Angeles, CA

Leona West has been especially helpful in providing incredibly effective treatment for my allergies, eyes and diet!

Clark M.

Los Angeles, CA

Leona West has played a part of a life-changing experience. I was diagnosed with estrogen-positive aggressive breast cancer on my thirty-ninth birthday. In just six months I had a bi-lateral mastectomy, IVF, chemotherapy and a full hysterectomy. On the advice of my oncologist, I reached out to Leona to help me through this process. She ordered nutritional blood work and made me aware of my vitamin deficiencies. She built a meal plan for me to follow during chemotherapy. As expected, I lost all my hair but not my eyebrows or eyelashes. I felt strong and healthy during chemotherapy.

Sheryl A.

Los Angeles, CA

Leona has been inquisitive, intuitive, and even, at times, adamant to get me on a nutritional and lifestyle program that would help me obtain optimal health, balance, joy and well-being. It is not at all times the easiest road but it is one of the most exciting and beneficial roads I have ever stepped on! Without hesitation, I would recommend Leona to anyone looking to change their life, nutrition and health.

Ron R.

Santa Monica, CA

It has been a wonderful experience working with Leona on my nutrition. She is knowledgeable in her field and can’t thank her enough for helping me get my health and body back on the right track!

Toni B.

Van Nuys, CA

I have been working with Leona West, CN, CH. She is absolutely AMAZING. Leona is knowledgeable, experienced, and a joy. I truly have made unbelievable strides in my health. She is REMARKABLE and I am blessed to have found her. I recommend everyone go and see her!

Liz R.

Los Angeles, CA

I love Leona West! Working with her has really served to improve my health on many levels. She is very intelligent and has educated me as to many holistic methods which I am thriving with. Unlike many in the medical field, Leona is patient, humble, kind and compassionate.

Megan G.

Sherman Oaks, CA

I have been working with Leona for over a year now and could not be happier. I was referred to her by my ob gyn, and she has helped me with numerous issues. Leona listens carefully to address whatever concerns you are experiencing and curates a customized approach to help you achieve your goals. In my case I needed help supporting my overall health, energy, and hormones. Additionally, I was looking to streamline my diet and Leona has been amazing. After analyzing my blood work, she created a well thought out, customized meal plan complete with vitamins and supplements. She is a wealth of information, and continues to give me suggestions that I utilize everyday. Since seeing Leona, I have experienced improved energy and overall health. Leona has such a gentle disposition and I love her holistic approach which is backed up by her extensive knowledge. I wish I had met her sooner!

Jennifer P.

Los Angeles, CA