“Diet, not medicine, nor any other measures medical or lifestyle, plays the largest role in extending a person’s life, preventing chronic disease and preventing early death.”

This statement sounds like it may have come from a nutrition centered research source or just something a nutritionist like myself might say… but it is actually a statement from JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, concluded after a massive 20- year study on disease and longevity. Functional Nutrition is harnessing the power of food as medicine. Whether you are striving for optimal health and function of your body or you have a health history or family history you want to proactively address, devising a game plan for prevention based on a functional analysis of your physiology and other metabolic markers like methylation and oxidative stress, analyzing nutrient status, family history and the cutting edge approach of nutrigenomic analysis will enable a personalized plan for prevention through the areas that play the biggest role in almost all disease, diet and lifestyle.

Leona is an inspiring and trusted nutritional and wellness advisor. I am beyond grateful to have had access to her expertise, insight and encouragement. She has helped me tremendously when it comes to learning about and incorporating the necessary food, lifestyle and supplements choices to best support my health goals. She has also has taught me that information is power and that the body can grow stronger with a positive outlook and patience. 

Kristina J.

Los Angeles. CA

As a Health, Wellness, and Fitness professional, it’s incredibly important for me to work and be aligned with the best people in my field. Leona is indeed at the top of that list! Leona and I have been working together for over a year and I have never felt so good about how and what I eat. I’m extremely active, and I have always made every effort to take excellent care of myself. But being able to so specifically break down my nutrition needs – based on the many tests we have done – has had a highly valuable impact on my energy, sleep, and digestion. The changes I have made with Leona’s guidance has had a significant effect on my mental well-being and overall happiness.
Thanks Leona!

Jessica S.

Los Angeles, CA

I first went to Leona 10 years ago related to digestion problems and weakened immune system. She is very knowledgeable and stays ahead of the curve in her field. She uses an integrated and comprehensive approach to overall wellness. Leona has been my go to over the years for various health related opportunities and I’ve learned a great deal form her about healthy eating and living. I’ve been enjoying optimal health and highly recommend Leona no matter what your goals are.

Irena K.

Los Angeles, CA

I was referred to Leona a few years back by a friend. I was having some issues with generalized anxiety and she successfully helped me curb my symptoms with a simple program of food and supplements. I learned a lot about nutrition in general, and my body and specific needs along the way. Anyone looking to develop healthy habits should absolutely see her! 

Sonny G.

Los Angeles, CA