Nutrigenomic Blueprint

The ultimate in personalized nutrition for optimal health, disease prevention, and weight loss.

There’s no such thing as a one size fits all approach to diet, nutrition and fitness and disease prevention. Nutrigenomic testing identifies your unique genotype.

  • Will you personally benefit from intermittent fasting
  • What foods and nutrients are key to your weight loss goals
  • What is the best macros ratio for you to achieve optimal body composition and achieve maximum weight loss
  • What are your best practices with diet and lifestyle for optimal steps for disease prevention
  • What vitamins do you need more of
  • What foods fuel you and what foods weaken your body
  • What role does exercise play in your health and what are best approaches to specific types of exercise for you
  • Are you genetically intolerant to gluten and dairy or not
  • Is caffeine a detriment to your health or a benefit to your health

Nutrigenomic Medicine is Personalized Medicine

These are only some of the questions answered with personalized Nutrigenomic DNA testing. With Nutrigenomic testing, we now know that specific variations in our genes can explain how we respond to specific foods, supplements, exercise, and lifestyle factors and how these can epigenetically influence our individual genes to turn on or turn off. We have the power to determine our health. Our genes provide a blueprint for us to navigate with precision the best direction to take.

I am certified in Nutrigenomic Medicine through The Dietitians of Canada. I have been studying Epigenetics for nearly ten years and applying Nutrigenomic testing and analysis in my practice for the last five years. This form of testing and analysis has been a game-changer in my practice providing the best of personalized medicine.

The Nutrigenomic testing has truly brought light to my health and how my body reacts to certain foods and activities from a genetic perspective. Learning that I have a high sensitivity to gluten has changed my life for the better. All the years of my weight being up and down and being bloated is gone…I am so grateful I took this test.

Ziba A.

Los Angeles, CA