What is Functional Nutrition?

The Whole Person

Functional Nutrition is a holistic nutrition based health care approach focused on the whole body and the whole person…you!

Instead of a this for that symptom and drug based model more suited for acute care, functional nutrition looks at symptoms for insight into what systems and organs are out of balance. It aims to target the root causes behind your chronic health conditions or why you just don’t have the energy or vitality that you used to and why steps you have taken with your health so far have not produced the results you wanted.

The Whole Picture

Taking the time to get to know you, your health concerns and your health goals. Looking at your diet, your physiology, genetics, environment, lifestyle, health history, family history and with that apply functional nutrition lab testing when needed to identify the areas we need to focus on. With this we can get the whole picture and set a clear path to support.

Client-Centered Partnership

We are in this together! Partnering with you to reach your goals through a custom tailored approach in a proactive environment where we work together setting clear goals with time frames for meeting them ensures your success.

Food First

“Diet, not medicine, nor any other measures medical or lifestyle, plays the largest role in extending a person’s life, preventing chronic disease and preventing early death.”

This statement sounds like it may have come from a nutrition-centered research source or just something a nutritionist like myself might say… but it is actually a statement from JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, concluded after a massive 20-year study on disease and longevity. Functional Nutrition is harnessing the power of food as medicine.