Whether you are preconception planning or experiencing infertility, optimizing fertility through nutrition is a critical foundation to healthy conception and a healthy pregnancy. Resolving nutritional deficiencies, lowering inflammation, and bringing up specific nutrient-dense foods and implementing key fertility supplements are all powerful steps that can support hormone balance, circulation and uterine health as well as positively impact egg health. Additionally, functional testing and nutrigenomic testing can further identify specific issues that could be obstacles to fertility that can be resolved through diet and lifestyle. There are also specific conditions associated with decreased fertility that often respond greatly to dietary and lifestyle interventions like PCOS and Hashimoto’s. Nutritional interventions can also be instrumental in improving IVF outcomes. Being a Nutritionist and Herbalist I can also help you navigate the sometimes confusing and contradictory world of what foods and herbs to emphasize and which to avoid while trying to conceive and during your pregnancy and postpartum.

I was blessed to be introduced to Leona J. West through a friend. My husband and I were trying to conceive our first child with disappointing results. After visits to numerous doctors and an overwhelming number of tests, the standard feedback was frustrating. We were told our problem conceiving was unexplainable. The one factor that they would each hang their hat on was AGE. The standard answer was that it’s much harder to conceive over 35 years of age because of reduced egg quality and quantity. The advice was to start the IVF process right away because in THEIR opinion that was our only chance. In frustration and with a glimmer of hope, I turned to Leona for help. She reviewed my tests and asked me a thorough set of questions designed to pinpoint what the issues might be. She came up with a game plan for me and I jumped on it full force. I diligently followed her plan and within 5 months we were pregnant! My husband calls this our “miracle” baby because Leona truly is a miracle worker. Thank you Leona for EVERYTHING! 

Delece J.

Canoga Park, CA

Leona Wes is wonderful, her care and expertise helped me correct thyroid issues naturally so I could get pregnant! 

Sheryl K.

Torrance, CA

I consulted with Leona after a very positive referral from a friend. She was proactive and supportive in addressing my pre-pregnancy concerns and 18 months and a very healthy pregnancy/baby later, I continue to check in with Leona to keep on track and optimize my well-being.

Naomi D.

Los Angeles, CA

I was referred to Leona West, nutritionist extraordinaire, by a colleague and I am so glad I was able to work with her! She helped me gain so much information about what was affecting my fertility issues and guided me to take charge of my health with a manageable nutrition and supplement plan that resulted in my pregnancy and birth of my daughter after nearly 10 years of trying! Although I had been working with other professionals in traditional medical offices, no one gave me the insight into how my body worked that Leona did. I am eternally grateful!


Boston, MA