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Consulting, partnerships, and more!


Leona provides short term as well as long term advisory support with food, supplement, and wellness-based brands and organizations.


Leona serves as a brand ambassador with brands and products that she is aligned with the full scope of their health and wellness philosophy, products, and ingredients.

Recipe development, meal planning, and wellness programs

Leona creates recipes, meal plans, health, and weight loss programs for a variety of companies, from wellness products to publications to food brands.

Content creation and writing contribution

Leona generates compelling, useful topics for brands, authors, and organizations that connect them to their audience.

Public speaking (in-person/virtually)

Leona specifically tailors and customizes her approach to each speaking engagement to ensure that she delivers the desired audience and business outcomes.

Wellness Workshops (in-person/virtually)

Leona produces interactive programs designed to engage, educate, and motivate your target audience.

Corporate Wellness (in-person/virtually)

Leona provides the team with the motivation to reach and sustain their wellness goals. She also creates a plan to integrate wellness into the company structure and environment.

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Prior to her private nutrition practice and independent consulting, Leona had the honor of working with MegaFood and Gaia Herbs as an educator and accounts manager in Southern California.