About Nikki


Nikki is a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist® and holds a Master of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, with training in clinical nutrition and functional medicine. She specializes in gastrointestinal disorders including IBS, IBD, SIBO; food allergies and sensitivities, thyroid disorders, hormonal and reproductive health, cardiovascular health, obesity, Type II Diabetes, prediabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and weight loss.

 In addition, Nikki holds a license in massage therapy, and she is a certified Culinary Nutrition Expert who has received diverse culinary training. Nikki loves all food and does not define foods as being “good” or “bad”. She focuses on whole, real unprocessed food that is as delicious as it is nourishing. With all the conflicting health information, Nikki prefers to simplify healthy diet and lifestyle habits. Even small daily changes can make a noticeable difference. She works with individual lifestyles, budgets, schedules, and goals to tailor a plan that sets her clients up for success.

Nikki has an intuitive, holistic approach and is dedicated to putting in the time and heart to help her clients succeed in their health journey.