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Success Stories

I’ve been seeing nutritionist Leona West for 3 years and have been helped tremendously by her. She has identified an auto-immune disorder I have that was misdiagnosed as hypo thyroid over 15 years ago. She is a wonderful, caring, and very well informed healer and I have recommended her to many friends.

-Deb S, Los Angeles, CA

I recently did a weight loss program with nutritionist Leona West and I am very pleased with the results. I highly recommend her!

-R.P., Los Angeles, CA

Leona is absolutely brilliant and makes the process a truly enjoyable experience!

-Laura L., Santa Monica, CA

I consult with nutritionist Leona at least twice a year. She saved my life by putting me on the right diet and she is always there for me with a helpful advice, an open mind and empathic listening. I can’t recommend her greatly enough. She really cares deeply about her patients health.

-Sarka K., Los Angeles, CA

Leona has not only helped me shape a sound nutrition plan in what was once lacking, but has also helped me heal somewhat chronic intestinal issues. Her guidance is always practical, feasible and extremely helpful.

-Michelle L., Santa Monica, CA

I send everyone to Leona. She is very knowledgeable, will explain things clearly, and will order and look at labs as a guide. Before I saw Leona, I was sick for nearly a decade and saw so many doctors and had many labs run trying to figure out what was wrong. No one could find anything, and then she had a guess on our first visit that proved correct via lab testing. She’s the best!

-Emily E., Venice, CA

Anytime I see Leona or talk to her is absolutely wonderful… Leona is full of wisdom and knowledge, she has always blessed me. Her knowledge is Truly Amazing..& has literally saved me, several times!! Blessings to Her!

-Patsy O., Los Angeles, CA

Leona West has helped me to shed the 30 pounds I’d been desperately trying to lose for years. I’d tried everything from Weight Watchers to NutriSystem and nothing worked until I tried her diet. Now, five months later, I have been able to maintain the weight loss, and I owe it all to Leona West and her expert guidance.

-Kim S., San Fernando Valley, CA

Leona’s guidance goes beyond merely nutritional knowledge! She has helped me with my overall health to create a better quality of life. I used to feel depressed, tired, and frustrated. I now walk around with a big smile. On a more superficial note, I look great. I receive compliments all the time and I love it.

-Paul M., Santa Monica, CA

Best nutritionist I ever met. She was the person who helped me before pregnancy to get pregnant and during that and after that to have the best nutrition diets. Very nice and respectful person!

-Maha T., Los Angeles, CA

Meet Leona

Over the last decade Leona has helped thousands of people regain their health and wellbeing while meeting their goals through food first. She has been the go-to nutritionist in Los Angeles for locals and families as well as Southern California industry leaders and celebrities, and even other practitioners and doctors seek her unique and thoughtful food-as-medicine approach. Leona also works remotely with people all over the country and the world.

Leona favors traditional modalities that honor the whole person and combines this approach with cutting edge functional and nutritional lab testing for the most individualized approach. She has observed that even the simplest of food and lifestyle changes can have a significant and positive effect in how a person feels in their body and mind and how it reflects in their entire lives.

What is Functional Nutrition?

The whole person. The whole picture. Client-centered partnership. Food first.

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